Track Data in Multiple Vault Locations

AutoVAULT allows you to specify different vault locations for all media, including TSM database backups (both regular and snapshot), backup sets, copy pools, and primary pools.  By sorting your reports by vault location, separate vaulting lists will be created for each vault. This allows you to easily maintain a set of media in both an onsite and an offsite vault. 

Consider these possibilities:

Library Capacity:  If you’re struggling to stay within your library’s capacity, you can eject TDP media and archives to an onsite vault while the rest of your data is routed to its normal offsite vault. Save money by reducing slot usage and extend the life of your tape library.


Classify Data for Efficient Recovery:  You may want to classify the importance of your offsite data so the most critical data (Vault-Critical) is vaulted together and all other data (Vault-Normal), which would be restored after critical data, is vaulted separately. Each copy pool, primary pool, backup set, and TSM database backup can have a different vault location, classified by importance. AutoVAULT will print vaulting reports by vault location, so the media can be moved by the classification system you assigned.


Extra Security:  You may want the added security of keeping two copies of your data off site. If one vault is inaccessible or if the courier truck delivering media for a disaster recovery is involved in an accident, the second set of media from a different vault can be immediately retrieved and your data can be successfully restored.


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