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Features AutoVAULT adds to TSM

Completely Automates Vaulting

With TSM alone, or TSM with DRM, you must write scripts to automate vaulting, or run the vaulting commands manually every day. With AutoVAULT, you can configure what TSM media you want to manage and AutoVAULT will automatically check out the media and notify your operators of what media to move. AutoVAULT can be initiated manually by your operators, but it is typically executed automatically by TSM. AutoVAULT will be updated for each new release of TSM, so you will never have to worry about code changes or that the author of your scripts might leave your company.   top

Automates DRM Commands and Functions

With DRM alone, you must write scripts to automate vaulting or run the vaulting commands manually every day. You also must write media vaulting reports to know what media to move. Writing the scripts and reports is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Staff turnover and TSM upgrades make ongoing support challenging and uncertain. AutoVAULT automates the vaulting process for you and provides all the vaulting reports you need. No scripting, no report writing, no human error!  AutoVAULT 3 lets you add AutoVAULT to DRM to automate your vaulting! 

Generates Audit Reports to ensure the correct data is offsite

AutoVAULT's Media Rotation Audit Reports tell you and TSM which media to vault offsite and which to return. A report of your complete vault inventory is also created. TSM and DRM do not create Media Rotation Reports to facilitate this process. top

Sends reports via email, print, or the web All three Media Rotation Reports can be automatically emailed to one or more technicians or operators daily, automatically printed, and are always viewable from the TSM web interface. Feel secure about the status of your data from any location. top

Can vault archive media only when full or by days unreferenced

Remove archive data from your crowded tape library to an onsite vault by vaulting full media and/or media that hasn't been referenced in X number of days.   top

Maintains an Audit log of all tape movement

AutoVAULT maintains a log of all media changes in CSV format for easy reporting from Excel or other products. You specify how many days the log holds and older data is automatically deleted. top

Allows you to manage multiple vault locations

This is helpful if you would like the added security of keeping two copies of your data offsite at different locations. It also lets you prioritize your data by using two different locations at the same offsite vault. In the event of a disaster, you can more quickly restore your critical data first. Multi-vault support also allows you to vault data to both an offsite and onsite vault. You can specify different vault locations for all media, including TSM database backups (both regular and snapshot), backup sets, copy pools, and primary pools. By sorting your reports by vault location, separate vaulting lists will be created for each vault. This allows you to easily maintain a set of media in both an onsite and an offsite vault or multiple offsite vaults. top

Vaults TDP or archive data ... a solution for large client databases

Using a Tivoli Data Protection (TDP) Agent to back up large client databases (like SQL Server, Oracle and SAP) can quickly use a lot of storage in your tape library. Daily duplication of this data to a copy pool can significantly delay your daily vaulting. AutoVAULT enables you to take your initial client database backups offsite, freeing expensive tape library slots and eliminating the time and media to duplicate the data. With reliable tape technology, this can be a very valuable technique. Or you may prefer to duplicate your TDP data to a copy pool for offsite vaulting. You can still vault the original TDP media to an onsite vault, freeing up tape library slots. TSM and DRM do not include these option.

Easy-to-use GUI interface facilitates return of offsite volumes

Occasionally, offsite media must be brought onsite before it has expired to recover from an onsite media failure. You select the volumes you want. AutoVAULT generates a report of volumes to be returned onsite and excludes them from vaulting a real time-saver!   top

Vaults Backup Sets

A backup set is an independent copy of a client's active data created from existing TSM storage.  You can restore data from a backup set without access to the TSM server!  If you have started using backup sets, you may already know that the vaulting of backup sets is a feature not included in any TSM product.   At the request of TSM users, we have added the option to vault backup sets with AutoVAULT.  With multi-vault support, you can even send your backup sets to a different vault location than your other media.  top

Interface to external tape management software

AutoVAULT provides an interface to media management software to track all your TSM media movement and provide more control of your data. This allows you to add functions like barcode tracking and slot-level vaulting. Interface files contain media names and vault locations for media moving onsite and offsite. AutoVAULT now also creates separate tapeoff and tapeon interface files for each vault location plus a unique interface file for media returned for emergency use.   top

Centrally Manage Multiple TSM Servers

Run AutoVAULT on one server several times or several servers in series

AutoVAULT accepts parameter input to control which TSM server to execute. You can run one TSM server instance, all defined instances, or a combination of instances in any order.  There is also a time delay option allowing a pause between executions.  This is very useful when when you are regularly exceeding your library I/O slots and need to run AutoVAULT multiple times.  For example, tell AutoVAULT to:

  1. Run TSM servers 1, 2, and 3

  2. Pause for 30 minutes for the operator to empty the I/O slots

  3. Re-run TSM Servers 1 and 3.

Manage all your TSM servers from one AutoVAULT install

One central AutoVAULT instance can manage multiple TSM servers running on different platforms.  This allows you to simplify your TSM operations and quickly replicate configurations to a new TSM server instance.  All AutoVAULT options are defined separately for each TSM server instance, allowing maximum flexibility.  Note: An AutoVAULT license is required for each TSM server instance. top

Scans tape library for media incorrectly left in or brought back in error

AutoVAULT looks through your tape library for media that should be offsite. If found, AutoVAULT will send the media offsite again.

Creates disaster recovery instructions

AutoVAULT creates  easy-to-use disaster recovery instructions. You get all the necessary steps and scripts to quickly and completely recovery a Windows or Unix TSM server environment using the media AutoVAULT sent to your vault. AutoVAULT's recovery is easy to implement, even by inexperienced personnel.

Makes recovery scripts that are ready-to-run

AutoVAULT's recovery scripts are ready to use with no additional processing, so you can restore your server quickly and easily.  DRM's recovery process requires time and knowledge to properly expand the script into many individual files and run them in the proper order. Also, AutoVAULT now creates DRM recovery scripts (prepare), in case you prefer to use them.    top

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