Script to run all Vaulting Processes


Once AutoVAULT has been installed and configured, it should be scheduled to run using whatever mechanism you are comfortable with using.  This might be manually by an operator or you might choose a method that is somewhat more automated.  AutoVAULT can be scheduled using any scheduling method. We recommend running AutoVAULT as a scheduled command from the Storage Manager Central Scheduler.  By doing this, the operation of AutoVAULT is accessible through the same interface you already use to schedule your database and onsite storage pool backups.  You will need a separate TSM Scheduler Service for each AutoVAULT instance you automate and it needs to have a separate DSM.OPT file pointing to the correct TSM server instance.  Refer to the TSM Windows Backup Archive Client Guide, Appendix B, for details on defining multiple TSM scheduler services.

When scheduling AutoVAULT to run with the Storage Manager scheduler from a path that contains a space, enclose the file and path in double quotes surrounded by single quotes.  For example, to run from the default path, you would schedule a Storage Manager command action with an object of:

'"c:\program files\autovault\avrun.bat"'

NOTE: single quotes around double quotes

A command file is automatically created for each TSM server instance you add.  The first TSM instance uses “avrun.bat”.  Additional instances use “avrunxxx.bat” where xxx corresponds to the instance number and AutoVAULT path.  For example, your second defined TSM server instance would use path c:\program files\autovault \SERVER002 and execution script:  c:\program files\autovault\avrun002.bat

One very efficient technique is to run all daily vaulting processes, including AutoVAULT, from a Storage Manager script.  The example script below can be used to backup your primary pools to a copy pool, backup your Storage Manager database, and run AutoVAULT via the Storage Manager Central Scheduler.  Note that the AutoVault server or workstation must be defined as a TSM client node with the Scheduler running in PROMPTED mode.    

If you need any help with this, technical support can easily be reached at


/* Process to create offsite backups       */
/*                                         */
/* Backup all primary storage pools        */
ba stg backuppool copypool wait=yes 
ba stg tapepool copypool wait=yes
/*                                         */
/*backup the TSM database                  */
ba db t=f devclas=3590 wait=yes
/*                                         */
/* Run AutoVault offsite Media Vaulting Process  */
/* Run delayed to allow for tape dismount        */
del sched standard autovault_run t=cl
def sched standard autovault_run t=cl act=command 
  obj='"c:\program Files\autovault\avrun.bat"' startd=today 
  startt=now+00:10 dura=15 duru=m peru=onetime day=any
def assoc standard autovault_run TSMSERVER

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