Code Relief Launches Scripts Depot for TSM Users

A free forum to learn from and share scripts & scripting tips with other TSM users.  

Reading, PA- March 6, 2001  Code Relief LLC, developer of AutoVault, a Tape Vaulting and Disaster Recovery application for Tivoli Storage Manager™, today launched its Scripts Depot for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM, formerly IBM’s ADSM) users.  The Scripts Depot is housed on the Code Relief web site as a repository of useful, freeware scripts, tips and links to improve the use of TSM.  See and choose TSM Scripts Depot.  Its format is an open discussion group, and it is organized by TSM topic.

A well-known and very helpful “ADSM listserv”, hosted by and also by, is an excellent communication tool for TSM users.  The Code Relief Scripts Depot adds to this great tool by providing a mechanism to discuss, store and search on scripts and tips.  It has the unique ability to upload attached files so the format of the scripts are preserved, which fulfills an important need for TSM users.   Early user feedback has been very supportive and happy to have this important TSM need addressed:

•  “Glad to hear there is finally a repository for TSM scripts.  I look forward to visiting this site and “grazing in the grass" of what I'm sure are some very good scripts”
• “This sounds exciting!  I am always interested in what other administrators are doing to keep track of TSM"
• “I have already improved our TSM workings by implementing two scripts I found on this site.  Great ideas I had never considered, and I was able to put the code to use
with immediate success.”

Users can easily reach the scripts and do not need any logon or password.  When a user wishes to add a new script, they have the option to assign themselves a logon id and password so they may return and modify the script in the future.  Credit for the script is given to the writer and the writer’s email address is included.  The site is moderated to keep the content applicable and helpful.

Code Relief will next be launching a discussion group for users of AutoVault. Fulfilling a critical need not addressed in the marketplace, AutoVault provides an innovative, easy-to-implement solution to equip companies to quickly recover from a data disaster and avoid costly technician time for the daily management of media vaulting.  AutoVault also provides support for backup-set vaulting, an important feature that is not included in any of the TSM product line.

“I tested Autovault and found it very simple to use - instantly configurable and ready to go in only 5 or 10 minutes.  I was very impressed and pleased with the ease of use and how quickly it took to set up - compared to Tivoli's DRM - which takes up a whole chapter of their ADMIN guide.  It is a pleasure to use!

Roy Lake,  TBG European IT

To be fully covered in the event of a disaster, companies need both to ensure that their media is where it should be, and to have the ability to recover their TSM server quickly.  Automation of these important functions is not included in the base TSM application. AutoVault, used with TSM or ADSM, automates recovery making companies ready to recover quickly from any data loss.

Pricing and Availability of Code Relief's AutoVAULT

Today’s AutoVAULT release runs under Windows™ and manages/restores TSM servers on Windows, AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX operating systems. AutoVault lists for $2995 US per TSM server.  It is available through a network of TSM VARs worldwide and direct from the Code Relief Online Store via Electronic Download

About Code Relief, LLC

Code Relief, LLC is a premier provider of innovative storage management software.  Code Relief develops and distributes AutoVAULT.  For more information, contact Michelle Hnath at 1-610-914-7595 or email

AutoVAULT is a trademark of Code Relief, LLC.  Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a trademark of Tivoli Systems Inc.  ADSM (ADSTAR) and AIX are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.  Windows NT and Windows 2000 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.



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