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In under 15 minutes you can be running AutoVAULT in Test Mode ... without interrupting any of your normal operations. You can get a real feel for how easy it is to automate your vaulting , reporting, and DR with AutoVAULT, without actually changing the status of any of your media.


 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT

Vaulting process is not automated

  • You must write DRM vaulting scripts to automate tape vaulting or run the vaulting commands manually every day, which introduce plenty of potential for human error when interruptions occur and steps get missed.

  • Writing the scripts is a time-consuming and error-prone process and generally include very limited error checking.

  • Tapes to be vaulted must be manually checked wastes plenty of time.

  • Staff turnover and TSM upgrades make ongoing support challenging and uncertain.   top

Less Stress ... More Time!


Reduce your stress, have confidence the correct data is offsite, and regain 14-28 man-hours per month per TSM server. When backup windows are tight and staffing is stretched thin, AutoVAULT will help you be more flexible, efficient, and accurate in your data movement.

  • With AutoVAULT, you can configure what TSM media you want to manage and AutoVAULT will automatically check out the media and notify your operators of what media to move.

  • AutoVAULT individually verifies each tape checkout and captures all checkout failures. You can glance at a report and know if the correct data is going off-site, without having to manually check each tape. This saves time and increases accuracy.

  • AutoVAULT can be initiated manually by your operators, but it is typically executed automatically by TSM.

  • AutoVAULT will be updated for each new release of TSM, so you will never have to worry about code changes or that the author of your scripts might leave your company.

AutoVAULT works with or without Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM) and supports all DRM functions including MOVE DRMEDIA, MOVE MEDIA, and PREPARE. 



 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


 No vaulting reports

  • You must write media vaulting reports to know what media to move. Like writing scripts for vaulting, creating these custom reports takes knowledge and work and adds the potential for human error.   top

Includes all the vaulting reports you need

  • Media Rotation Reports tell you and TSM which media to vault offsite and which to return. Individual tape check-out errors are clearly listed on the tapes to take offsite report.

  • A report of your complete vault inventory is also created.

  • All three reports can be automatically sent via print, email, and/or web.

  • You can customize the report headings and the data sort order separately for each report. 

  • Media totals are included at the end of each report plus totals per vault location.

  • Automatically FTP your tape movement information to your vaulting company. top



 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


 No media audit log

  • There is no provision in TSM  for an audit log of tape movement. top


Media Audit Log

  • AutoVAULT maintains a log of all media changes in CSV format for easy reporting from Excel or other products.

  • You specify how many days the log holds and older data is automatically deleted. top



 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


No interface to external media management software or vaulting companies

  • TSM offers no easy way to work with vaulting companies or external applications for media management.   top


Automatically interfaces with vaulting companies and external media management software

  • AutoVAULT allows you to automatically FTP your tape movement information daily to Iron Mountain and other vaulting companies as long as they support electronic reporting. No more daily forms to fill-out, no more scripts to write and maintain, much less potential for human error.   

  • AutoVAULT also provides an interface to media management software to track all your TSM media movement and provide more control of your data. This allows you to add functions like barcode tracking and slot-level vaulting.

  • Interface files contain media names and vault locations for media moving onsite and offsite. AutoVAULT now also creates separate tapeoff and tapeon interface files for each vault location plus a unique interface file for media returned for emergency use.    top


 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


No error checking

  • TSM has no provision to check for media incorrectly left in the vault or brought back in error.   top

Improve the security of your data

  • AutoVAULT tape vaulting is more accurate, making restorations of data more reliable.

  • AutoVAULT continually searches your libraries for tapes that should be off-site and re-vaults them when found.   top



 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


Overcrowded tape library or

Backup process
taking too long

  • Database, email, or archive media are filling up your tape library.

  • Copying your TDP data delays your daily vaulting.

  • For those using TSM to backup hardware based copy functions like Flashcopy Image or VE-supported technologies, creating both a TSM primary pool and copy pool of your data can be more than you need, but you have no choice. This uses plenty of time and resources. Look to AutoVAULT for helpful options.  top


More solutions for overcrowded tape libraries and backup processes that take too long

Are TDP or Archive media filling your library or taking too long to copy? AutoVAULT provides helpful solutions to get your important data offsite and free-up expensive library slots.

  • Duplicate your TDP to a copy pool for offsite vaulting and vault the original TDP media and any archive media to an onsite vault  OR

  • Take primary TDP backups and archives offsite, freeing expensive tape library slots and eliminating the time and media to duplicate the data. With reliable tape technology, this can be a valuable option.

Control when tapes are vaulted

  • AutoVAULT can now restrict primary pool media vaulting to only eject FULL media and/or media that has not been referenced for a specific number of days.  Both options can be specified individually or combined.  This allows you to remove long term data, such as archives, from your library when the media is full and vault it to an onsite vault location. 

  • AutoVAULT will now allow you the option to vault Copypool media only when FULL. This should only be used under very special circumstances.

For Flashcopy Image or VE-supported technologies Users

AutoVAULT allows direct media vaulting without replication to shorten backup windows and, in some cases, reduce the overall copy management needed. For those using Flashcopy Image or VE-supported technologies, AutoVAULT also eliminates the time- and resource-wasting step of replicating to both a primary pool and a copy pool ... making managing the Primary Pool tapes more cost-effective. top


 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


Clumsy offsite media retrieval

  • Returning offsite media for an onsite media failure is disruptive to normal vaulting.   top


Automated offsite media retrieval

  • You select the volumes to retrieve and AutoVAULT generates a report of volumes to return onsite.

  • AutoVAULT also excludes the media brought onsite for an emergency so you can continue normal vaulting operations while the media you need is left in your library.   top


 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


No support for
multiple vaults

  • Difficult to manage media in different vault locations.

  • TSM has no easy way to classify your offsite data so that the most critical data is vaulted together for faster restoration, and all other data is vaulted separately.   top

Allows you to manage multiple vault locations
and  Restore Critical Data First

  • This is helpful if you would like the added security of keeping two copies of your data offsite at different locations.

  • It also lets you prioritize your data by setting up two different locations within the same offsite vault (such as critical data and regular data). In the event of a disaster, you can more quickly restore your critical data first.

  • Multi-vault support also allows you to vault data to both an offsite and onsite vault.

  • AutoVAULT prints vaulting reports by vault location, so the media can be managed separately.   top


 Without AutoVAULT

With AutoVAULT


Slow, complicated
disaster recovery

  • DRM recovery scripts must be expanded into many individual files and run in the correct order, which takes an experienced TSM technician to do it right.

  • Minimal disaster recovery instructions are included.   top

Recovers your TSM servers quickly and accurately

  • AutoVAULT creates an easy-to-use disaster recovery procedure for you with all the necessary instructions and scripts to quickly and completely recover your TSM server environment.

  • AutoVAULT creates both DRM and AutoVAULT disaster recovery scripts for your use. You can decide which scripts you wish to use.

  • If your TSM technician is unavailable during a disaster, another technician can follow the instructions and successfully complete the recovery.   top





Run AutoVAULT on one server several times or several servers in series

AutoVAULT accepts parameter input to control which TSM server to execute. You can run one TSM server instance, all defined instances, or a combination of instances in any order.  There is also a time delay option allowing a pause between executions.  This is very useful when when you are regularly exceeding your library I/O slots and need to run AutoVAULT multiple times.  For example, tell AutoVAULT to:

          1. Run TSM servers 1, 2, and 3

          2. Pause for 30 minutes for the operator to empty the I/O slots

          3. Re-run TSM Servers 1 and 3.


Manage all your TSM servers from one AutoVAULT install

One central AutoVAULT instance can manage multiple TSM servers running on different platforms.  This allows you to simplify your TSM operations and quickly replicate configurations to a new TSM server instance.  All AutoVAULT options are defined separately for each TSM server instance, allowing maximum flexibility.  Note: An AutoVAULT license is required for each TSM server instance. top


Download AutoVAULT Today...Free for 45 Days!

In under 30 minutes you can be running AutoVAULT in Test Mode ... without interrupting any of your normal operations. You can get a real feel for how easy it is to automate your vaulting , reporting, and DR with AutoVAULT, without actually changing the status of any of your media.

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