AutoVAULT Training Videos


Overview of AutoVAULT


Introduction to AutoVAULT
A quick overview of how AutoVAULT enhances Tivoli Storage Manager with the tools you need to make your job easier and your data safer! 4:53



Setting Up AutoVAULT

Advanced Features

  1. Installing AutoVAULT
    Learn how to install the TSM Admin Client, TSM ODBC Client, and AutoVAULT. 3:43

  1. Configuring AutoVAULT:
    Explains all the options for setting up AutoVAULT to vault your TSM server data. 12:02

  1. Using the AutoVAULT Management Console
    Learn quick, centralized configuration, execution, and administration of your managed TSM instances. 4:44

  1. Automating AutoVAULT's Execution
    Setup AutoVAULT to run as a scheduled command from the TSM Central Scheduler. 5:55


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