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Without AutoVAULT, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) tape vaulting functions are typically completed in one of two ways:

  • MANUAL VAULTING can take 1.5 hours of work per day per TSM server and lead to human error. It is easy to get interrupted and forget to run a step or not check every tape you want to send off-site.

  • SIMPLE SCRIPTS can waste 30 minutes of work a day and miss tapes. These scripts are written by employees or VARs to automate the TSM/DRM vaulting commands. They are relatively quick to write, but they don't verify that your tapes are successfully checked out of the library or provide any flexibility or error-checking in vaulting. When a disaster occurs, what might it cost your organization if tapes are missing and you have to restore back several days or weeks?

Benefits to using AutoVAULT

  • For a cost of under $4 a day, eliminate human error and remove up to 1.5 hours a day of manual work per TSM backup server per day with AutoVAULT. That can be up to $35,000 in labor costs per TSM backup server per year!

  • The cost of losing days or weeks of data when a disaster occurs, because the right tapes have not been correctly taken offsite, is unthinkable. The government has made a huge investment in backing-up their data with IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager backup product and the last piece of the puzzle is ensuring the data is safely in a vault. This should not be left to error-prone manual methods or scripts without full error-checking. Automate these functions with AutoVAULT!

AutoVAULT Features

 1. AutoVAULT verifies each tape checkout individually and captures all checkout failures. You will glance at a report and know if you have the correct data going offsite without having to manually check each tape. This saves time and increases accuracy.

2. AutoVAULT provides an audit log of all tape movements onsite and offsite. The log is in CSV format for use in Excel ... and makes auditors very happy.

3. AutoVAULT can communicate directly with Iron Mountain or other vaulting companies. AutoVAULT will automatically send your information in a method that Iron Mountain and others can easily process ... without daily intervention on your part!

4. AutoVAULT excludes media brought onsite for an emergency so you can continue normal vaulting operations while the media you need is left in your library.

You can also prioritize data for first restoration in the event of a disaster, vault to multiple vault locations, vault primary pools and archive data, and more. These features are not included in TSM or DRM. TSM Admins set up AutoVAULT in under an hour and then it runs by itself giving you the feedback you need in simple reports. Let AutoVAULT automate your vaulting functions with tried-and-true technology that will make your job easier and your data safer!

Watch a short (< 5min) overview video and/or download a free trial and learn what AutoVAULT can do for you! Any questions?


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