AutoVAULT 3.3 New Features

We are pleased to announce the release of AutoVAULT3 which includes the following enhancements:  

Provides Media Totals on reports

AutoVAULT will report media totals on all reports.  If the report is sorted by vault location, a total will be printed for each location as well as a total for all locations.  

Ability to run a post TSM Administrative Command or Script

AutoVAULT will run any TSM administrative command after processing your TSM server.  This can also be a TSM server script containing several TSM administrative commands.

Automatically FTP media rotation reports to your vaulting company*

AutoVAULT can FTP daily media reports to your vaulting company* that supports electronic reporting, without daily intervention on your part!  AutoVAULT will FTP the list of media sent offsite so the vaulting company can verify receipt. AutoVAULT will also automatically FTP media requested for return.  Remove the human error of filling out daily web forms or writing your own scripts.                  *Fully Tested with Iron Mountain® and Vital Records, Inc.

AutoVAULT supports TSM version 5.5

Support has been added for changes introduced by versions 5.5 of Tivoli Storage Manager

AutoVAULT now supports ActiveData Pools

Support for vaulting ActiveData pools has been added.  This includes support for Library Clients.

Gives you the option to vault Copypool media only when FULL

AutoVAULT can now restrict copy pool media vaulting to only eject FULL media.  This allows you to remove a second copy pool version from your library only when the media is FULL, reducing the amount of unused tapes and reducing reclamation processes.  This option should only be used in special situations.  It is always best to remove offsite media quickly and not wait for the tape to become FULL.

Provides Checkpoint Recovery of AutoVAULT from abnormal termination

AutoVAULT will recover from an abnormal termination and will not lose information about media movements prior to the failure. 

AutoVAULT 3.0 New Features

AutoVAULT3 can now automate DRM

If you have a TSM server running DRM, you can now add AutoVAULT to DRM to fully automate your vaulting functions and provide all the vaulting reports you need. AutoVAULT still supports the traditional vaulting method using CHECKOUT LIBV and UPDATE VOLUME commands, but now also supports all DRM functions including MOVE DRMEDIA, MOVE MEDIA, and PREPARE.  You can choose which method works best for each of your TSM server instances.

Support for TSM Library Clients

To use AutoVAULT with TSM Library Clients you must use the DRM vaulting method. IBM only supports Library clients using the DRM commands.  AutoVAULT supports TSM Library Clients using MOVE DRMEDIA and MOVE MEDIA commands.  Backupset media management has limited support for a Library Client.  For backupset media, AutoVAULT uses TSM command routing to send CHECKOUT LIBV commands to the Library Manager server.  Only one tape library can be specified for all backupset media.  Error checking is also limited.


Vault primary pool media only when FULL and/or by Last Reference Date

AutoVAULT can now restrict primary pool media vaulting to only eject FULL media and/or media that has not been referenced for a specific number of days.  Both options can be specified individually or combined.  This allows you to remove long term data, such as archives, from your library when the media is full and vault it to an onsite vault location. 

Run AutoVAULT on one server several times or several servers in series

AutoVAULT accepts parameter input to control which TSM server to execute. You can run one TSM server instance, all defined instances, or a combination of instances in any order.  There is also a time delay option allowing a pause between executions.  This is very useful when when you are regularly exceeding your library I/O slots and need to run AutoVAULT multiple times.  For example, tell AutoVAULT to:

  1. Run TSM servers 1, 2, and 3

  2. Pause for 30 minutes for the operator to empty the I/O slots

  3. Re-run TSM Servers 1 and 3.

Manage all your TSM servers from one AutoVAULT install

One central AutoVAULT instance can manage multiple TSM servers running on different platforms.  This allows you to simplify your TSM operations and quickly replicate configurations to a new TSM server instance.  All AutoVAULT options are defined separately for each TSM server instance, allowing maximum flexibility.  Note: An AutoVAULT license is required for each TSM server instance. 

External Interface Improvements

AutoVAULT provides an interface to media management software to track your TSM media movement.  Interface files contain media names and vault locations for media moving onsite and offsite. AutoVAULT now also creates separate tapeoff and tapeon interface files for each vault location plus a unique interface file for media returned for emergency use. 

New Management Console

AutoVAULT just got even easier! All AutoVAULT functions are now on one easy-to-use Management Console that allows you to easily configure, execute, and administer all your TSM servers from one location. 

If you manually execute AutoVAULT, a new GUI is provided which allows better control and the ability to enter parameter input. 

Run AutoVAULT in Test Mode

You can now run AutoVAULT3 in Test Mode if you do NOT want it to update your TSM server. Since AutoVAULT3 will not actually change the status of your media when running in Test mode, some of the report output will not be correct for multiple executions. But you will get a real feel for how easy it is to automate your vaulting, reporting and disaster recovery with AutoVAULT3.

Added a media audit log

AutoVAULT maintains a log of all media changes in CSV format for easy reporting from Excel or other products. You specify how many days the log holds and older data is automatically deleted. 

Offsite Media Retrieval

You select the volumes to retrieve and AutoVAULT generates a report of volumes to return onsite. AutoVAULT will now exclude the media brought onsite for an emergency so you can continue normal vaulting operations while the media you need is left in your library.  AutoVAULT also creates a unique interface file so your media management software can handle the media differently.

Remotely Manage TSM for Windows

AutoVAULT is no longer restricted to running directly on a TSM for Windows server.  AutoVAULT can now remotely manage a Windows server as it does with Unix TSM servers.  FTP is required on the Windows server to access key TSM files.

Added support for TSM Versions 5.4 and 5.5

Support has been added for changes introduced by version 5.4 of TSM.  AutoVAULT version 3.2.x is needed to support TSM v5.5.

AutoVAULT is IBM and Tivoli Ready

AutoVAULT is officially approved by IBM to work with Storage Manager. AutoVAULT3 met all of the IBM specifications as Ready for IBM Tivoli software.

Need more information?

AutoVAULT V.2 New Features

AutoVAULT v.2 included the following enhancements:  

Track data in Multiple Vault Locations

AutoVAULT 2.0 allows you to specify different vault locations for all media, including TSM database backups (both regular and snapshot), backup sets, copy pools, and primary pools.  By sorting your reports by vault location, separate vaulting lists will be created for each vault. This allows you to easily maintain a set of media in both an onsite and an offsite vault. 

Consider these possibilities:

Library Capacity:  If you’re struggling to stay within your library’s capacity, you can eject TDP media and archives to an onsite vault while the rest of your data is routed to its normal offsite vault. Save money by reducing slot usage and extend the life of your tape library.

Classify Data for Efficient Recovery:  You may want to classify the importance of your offsite data so the most critical data (Vault-Critical) is vaulted together and all other data (Vault-Normal), which would be restored after critical data, is vaulted separately. Each copy pool, primary pool, backup set, and TSM database backup can have a different vault location, classified by importance. AutoVAULT will print vaulting reports by vault location, so the media can be moved by the classification system you assigned.

Extra Security:  You may want the added security of keeping two copies of your data off site. If one vault is inaccessible or if the courier truck delivering media for a disaster recovery is involved in an accident, the second set of media from a different vault can be immediately retrieved and your data can be successfully restored.

Improved Reporting

Specify the Sort Order
AutoVAULT 2.0 allows you to specify the sort order for each of your AutoVAULT reports. Depending on the report, you will be able to specify first, second, and third order sort criteria by Vault, Library, VOLSER, Type, or Pool.

Customize Report Headings
AutoVAULT 2.0 provides options to change the default title on each of the reports:

  • You can enter a generic default report heading that will appear on all of your reports.

  • You can override the default report title on each of the three reports.

  • If you leave the Pull, Return, or Vault report heading blank, the default title will be used.

Easily Reprint Reports

AutoVAULT 2.0 allows you to reprint any AutoVAULT reports to any defined printer.

AutoVAULT for TSM on Linux

AutoVAULT 2.0 supports TSM running on Linux x86 or pSeries. You can now use AutoVAULT to vault your tapes and restore your TSM Linux server along with TSM servers on all major non-MVS platforms: Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX (AutoVAULT runs on Windows).

Support for New TSM Version 5.3

AutoVAULT 2.0 supports the changes introduced by new version 5.3 of Tivoli Storage Manager.

AutoVAULT teams up with QwikScan™ 
to improve media management!

AutoVAULT 2.0, when combined with QwikScan media management technology, allows you to track your media by barcode I.D. and manage random slot vaulting. AutoVAULT seamlessly updates QwikScan with media changes initiated by AutoVAULT.

QwikScan is an affordable, Windows-based media manager product from NER Data Products, Inc. for mainframe, midrange, and distributed environments. For more product information and pricing, please visit



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