Technical Support Options

Basic Support  (FREE for the First Year)

Code Relief, LLC offers basic support, which is free for the first year and 15% of the product list price per year after (presently $600/year).  This gives you email, web and phone access with a guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday).  Product upgrades are also included with basic support, so you can always be using the latest version of AutoVAULT.

Includes: Training Videos, Manual

Most AutoVault customers rarely need additional support. Due to the low frequency, we offer the following 24x7 support to assist customers in special times of need.

Planned Disaster Testing Support

Code Relief, LLC offers 24-hour support for planned disaster tests. Please order this service at least 30 days in advance of the test and give the specific hours for which you will need support. Place the order with a credit card or fax a purchase order. A fee of $150/hour will be charged for support given during the time range requested. For example, if you scheduled a test from 5pm-9pm, and are on the phone with our support technicians from 8pm-8:30pm, your fee will be $150 US dollars. Additional hours, outside the range requested, will be billed at the emergency rate of $250/hr.

Emergency Support

Code Relief, LLC offers 24-hour emergency support at a fee of $250/hr.  Please provide a credit card number when you call, or fax a purchase order (once per business year) for us to keep on file to obtain this service. A technician will get back to you within 4 hours. Please call  (1) 888-402-6937 and choose option 3 for instructions. This to be used ONLY for full disaster situations.

You may contact your AutoVAULT reseller for additional support information.  

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