Training Videos - Returning Offsite Volumes in an Emergency

When you have on onsite media failure, use the AutoVAULT GUI to return the media you need, and to release the media when the restore is complete. 1:56


Next Video - Customizing a Script to Email Vaulting Reports 2:59
Customize a supplied script to email your vaulting reports to one or more users.

Setting Up AutoVAULT

Advanced Features

  1. Installing AutoVAULT
    Learn how to install the TSM Admin Client, TSM ODBC Client, and AutoVAULT. 3:43

  1. Configuring AutoVAULT:
    Explains all the options for setting up AutoVAULT to vault your TSM server data. 12:02

  1. Using the AutoVAULT Management Console
    Learn quick, centralized configuration, execution, and administration of your managed TSM instances. 4:44

  1. Automating AutoVAULT's Execution
    Setup AutoVAULT to run as a scheduled command from the TSM Central Scheduler. 5:55


Overview of AutoVAULT


Introduction to AutoVAULT
A quick overview of how AutoVAULT enhances Tivoli Storage Manager with the tools you need to make your job easier and your data safer! 4:53


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